Voltz on Defi 2.71(中文版)

12 min readMay 20, 2022


Voltz Labs 首席执行官 Simon Jones 加入 DeFi 2.71 讨论 Voltz Protcol 的旅程。

我们的 CEO Simon Jones 加入了 SeraphimDeFi 2.71 播客访谈。在谈话中,两人分解了许多关于 Voltz 协议的关键点。回听剧集或向下滚动以收听精彩片段。


为什么 Voltz Labs 决定将利率互换引入 DeFi?

I’m looking at if I stay where you can define us to get to in order to become the financial system for the whole of the world and what is the next 0 to 1 innovation is required in order to move the whole sector forwards and what we landed on is that the next pillar that’s really needed in this system is interest rates swaps, which may seem obvious for people that now look at it right, and see what we’re doing. But at the time, it really was not obvious at all, um and like I guess just to point the macro opportunity there if you look at traditional finance, as an example, there’s a quadrillion of notion exchange this year. It’s like cartoonishly large.


And it’s is that large because it supports a wide spectrum of use cases from risk management through to speculation through to the construction of many different products as both for corporates and actually for retail, and for people who are not kind of financial whilst, you might not know what interest rate swap is actually there’s a reasonable chance you’ve interacted with a product uses it you just haven’t realized, so if you ever had a fixed-rate savings account of fixed-rate mortgage, what’s actually happening in the background is there’s kind of real low-level capital markets infrastructure which is interest rates swaps being used to package up that product such that you can use it as a consumer.


使用 Voltz 作为原始 — 在不触及标的资产的情况下重建收益率

Could you talk about these use cases beyond the fixed income stuff?


Yeah, so I think there’s. I mean, obviously, we talked about speculation, we talked about risk managemet. One that goes beyond that is being able to basically use Voltz as a way of reconstructing the rate that you get on an underlying asset. So,if I give an example of this,imagine you have ETH in a borrow-lend protocol. It could be Euler,of course It could be Compound. I’m gonna use Compound because they don’t support staked ETH at the moment and I know that you do. So imagine you’ve got ETH in Compound. You’ve borrowing against that but the cETH rate of return,you don’t like, so you want to get your staked ETH rate of return. What you can actually do with Voltz is, just by depositing margins and never actually touching your underlying assets. You can synthetically swap your cETH rate for a staked ETH rate of return. At which point, you’ve basically used Voltz as a primitive to reconstruct the rates you’re getting on these underlying assets without ever actually touching them.


在 DeFi 成为全世界的金融体系之前,它的成功是什么样的。

Centralized central banks always gonna have a vested interest to maintain control. Right? So will define become the financial system of the whole of the world, and all central banks will disappear. Hopefully like realistically. I don’t know that’s going to take quite a long time for something like that take place. But what it does do is it introduce competition. And I you know you think about the fact that we do not have any form of competition in the way in which like monetary policy decisions are made and this type of thing, it’s kind of crazy, really. And for the people that live in the west, I guess you know you kind of for the most part right the fed like bank of England, ecb, you believe they’re actually making like sense, reasonably sensible policy decision, the people that live in some emerging economies.


So you think about some of the south Africa;South American economies, where they’ve had hyperinflation and they’ve just had like bonkers decisions made by like the policy makers.


Actually now that you’ve got competition in your financial markets, they can’t do that stupid stuff because all them all caps will just leave. And it’ll just going to define, even if we don’t quite get the utopia where define is the financial system for the whole of the world right like the fact that it exists actually forces centralized finance to become better anyway.


在 Voltz 协议上交易 SONIA 费率?!

this comes back to like what’s going to drive next wave of growth of define. I think there’s going to be multiple elements to that , but capital efficiency is going to be one of them yeah cool nice just the thing that I would add there in terms of rate oracles so because volts markets are synthetic, there’s nothing stopping us creating markets for trade fire rates right. So as long as there’s an oracle feed coming in of the price, you could trade, you can trade anything with a variable rate of return. So you know it’s not inconceivable in the future that people will start trading sony rates on volts protocol cool.

这又回到了什么会推动下一波增长的定义上。我认为这将有多种因素,但资本效率将是其中之一,是的,很好,只是我想补充的是,在利率指数方面,因为Voltz市场是合成的,没有什么能阻止我们创造市场正确的贸易火灾率,对吗?因此,只要有一个预言机的价格,你就可以交易,你可以交易任何回报率可变的东西。因此,所以你知道,未来人们将开始在 volts 协议上交易SONIA费率并不是不可想象的。



Voltz 是利率掉期 (IRS) 的非托管自动化做市商。该协议使用集中流动性虚拟 AMM (vAMM) 仅用于价格发现,并由保证金引擎执行基础资产的管理。这些模块的综合影响意味着交易对手可以通过一种比替代利率掉期模型高出 3,000 倍的资本效率的机制来创建和交易固定利率和可变利率。要了解更多信息,请访问:voltz.xyz